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Read about Your Essential Day, then schedule a complimentary conversation.

The Your Essential Day Experience, which has been meaningful to me and those who have stepped into working with me in this way started like this...

Through the years, my specialty has been one-hour Soul + Strategy or Strategic Visioning Sessions. But a few years ago it became apparent to me that when I spent a sustained period of time with one individual, usually 3 hours or more, I was really able to tap my intuitive, creative, and strategic gifts and meet the person where they are. I could provide a much deeper level of support as well as innovative approaches and a MAP (momentum action pathways) to bring their ideas to life.

The more we allowed a space for simply sharing through questions and open, authentic conversation and then moving into the particular kind of strategic visioning or practical momentum that is most helpful, the greater meaning, movement, and forward momentum the client experienced.

There was a flow to these sessions...

They built on one another. Sometimes they were deeply personal and focused on finding creative ways around persistent blocks or just being with whatever seems to be stopping you from success. Other times they were highly productive, mapping out the structure for a book that wants to be born through you or creating clear next steps to bring your business to life. We'll create your day in a way that works for you!

In my work with a few clients, we've actually mapped out a three-year plan that included a new business, several book projects and wild personal expansion. Another client got to the root of a longstanding pattern in her life and subsequently changed career paths. Sometimes a creative exercise or a walk in the woods together leads to profound insights. Other times our combined creativity blazes a trail to a Eureka! moment when just the right name for a new product or book comes to light. 

More about these one-to-one Soul Sessions...

We connect in advance to explore where you would like to focus our day. Then, for Your Essential Day, we'll meet by videoconference or in my home beside the still waters or at an inspiring location of your choice. When my schedule allows, I will consider travel to other locations for our day together. Let's discuss if that is of interest.

The purpose of the typical day retreat is radiant and joyful expansion in life and life's work. Your day includes 3, 2-hour Soul + Strategy sessions over the course of a single day and a casual lunch (if in person). I bring all of me—my intuition and my unique ability of providing support that is both soulful and strategic, my love of creativity and nature and daring adventures with the new—to our time together.

What people experience through this work...

Dawn Held Space for My Authentic Self and Transformation. When I originally reached out to Dawn for her help in creating a website that reflected my truth, my essence, and how I show up in the world, I had done a lot of inner work. I felt fairly confident about myself and how I wanted to be in service to the world as a person and in my roles of coach and consultant.
     What I did not know at the time was that I was connecting with someone so connected with her own truth and creativity that she would inspire my own continuing transformation. So began my journey with Dawn on a six-month mentorship and path of discovery of myself.
     She walked with me, supporting me all the way. She held space for my curiosity as I excitedly took off and explored the many, many interesting side-paths along the way. She delighted in my excitement and encouraged me to explore fully whatever fascinated me in the moment. My imagination ran wild with the unlimited possibilities that lay before me. The more excited I became, the more possibilities emerged until I was reeling.
     The journey was not all filled with delight, however,  as along the way I took some turns and encountered parts of me that were scary and made me run to the safety of my little girl self that cowered in fear of the unknown, only peering out a small window to see glimpses of a larger world outside. Rather than shelter me from those scary places and unknown parts of myself, Dawn patiently held space for me to explore those and become more aware and appreciative of the whole of who I AM. My journey with Dawn led me to the center of myself where I could see more clearly my own truth. The journey has now brought me back home to my self.
     Rather than going off into new territory to start new and exciting business products and services, I’m back where my heart has been all along—with the coaching and consulting work I was already doing! Now I am engaged in those services with renewed passion and inspiration. New and exciting possibilities for my work unfold each day. I’ve returned home to myself with deepened awareness and gratitude for who I AM. I am now stepping out into the world as my true and authentic self. Thank you, Dawn, for the journey, your loving support along the way. ☼ E.W. 

My Essential Day—One of the Most Wonderful Gifts I Have Ever Received.
Dawn, this is one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever received my entire 60 years of life on earth. What a blessing you have been for me and everything you have coached me on has been such a gift to my soul. I love the letter and all the attachments I received after my Essential Day, too! Thank you. ☼ A.V.

How our time together will assist...

  • open up a whole new way forward in your life and life's work
  • create a sacred container to look at what's been getting in the way
  • map out a vision for the coming year, three to five years or decade!
  • get clear on what your soul is asking you to bring forward
  • bring your business, brand, or book to life 
  • discuss your author platform and book projects (Author Platform Map add-on)

If you aren't sure where to start or don't have a particular project focus, we'll explore Your Play of Light, Your Story of Life, and Your Revolution of Love—all the ways you want to come fully to LIFE + Live In Full Expression. 

  • We will connect to the momentum action pathways that are your map to life and life more abundant. I will have clarifying questions and may share life tools or creative practices. Often, I provide additional resources and insights or recommendations following our day together, too. Sometimes the letters I send once we've both had an opportunity to integrate what unfolded on your day have had a profound impact.


  • I schedule one or at most two days a month to support clients at the highest level possible and only schedule these when I am well rested and connected
  • I will work with you to ensure we find a day and time that works well for you
  • Your Essential Day Retreat must be scheduled within six months of purchase
  • Your Essential Day Retreat will be scheduled a minimum of 3 months in advance
  • Reschedules are only offered in the case of true emergencies


  • Payment plans must be discussed in advance
  • Full payment must be received two weeks prior to your scheduled day
  • There are no refunds for any other reason before or after our connection
  • Purchase includes day as described above or as agreed to by e-mail

What's Included...

  • Complimentary Connection Call to answer your questions and have some conversation around your desires for Your Essential Day Retreat
  • 1-hour Pre-Retreat Preparation Call to get to know each other, provides a smooth transition into Your Essential Day
  • Your Essential Day Retreat held in person at an agreed-upon location or via videoconferencing
  • 6 hours (3, 2-hour sessions) to include open-ended or structured Soulful Conversation, consulting or mentoring
  • One or several Soul & Strategy Sessions
  • Scheduled, as-needed Processing Breaks
  • Personalized Post-Retreat Letter with insights, ideas and resources

Let's Connect to Create Your Day...

For Your Essential Day Retreats and custom coaching packages, I am happy to schedule a complimentary call to see if this is a good fit for you and to ensure I feel I can support you fully. If we both decide to proceed, you may make your payment from this page or by online payment (I will provide an invoice).

Then the fun begins! And radiant expansion in life and life's work!!

Let's get started.
Reach out here

I look forward to our connection!

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