Finding Our Wings ☼ Spirited Life Painting {Art Print} Art Print New Dawn Studios

FINDING OUR WINGS ☼ Spirited Life Bird Painting {Art Print}

New Dawn Studios
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  • Art print with with 1/2" white border 
  • Printed with archival inks on sustainably sourced paper
  • Frame: 1-1/2" white frame, frame detail

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 Finding Our Wings Birds of a Feather Spirited Life Painting Dawn Richerson Art Prints Abstract Painting

FINDING OUR WINGS — A Soul Story from Dawn 

In the air, there is a restlessness and the scene is one of distinct disarray. A turn has been taken, a vision embraced. By heart, birds of a feather fly from distant corners. They are caught up in the storm before the stillness.

Sensing hope, they gather in a yellow field, mottled still with the residue of the confusion that has reigned for so long in these skies. They are only just finding their wings, remembering that love is the natural rhythm and all that will lead them into the dream where all is at rest, brought back to balance and harmony.

This painting was inspired by “Birds of a Feather,” a book and online journey exploring 33 essential qualities for thriving together in the next five years.

This acrylic painting is from the Spirited Life collection. Life is composed of many circles of creation and recreation. Spirited Life paintings are variations on the theme of life and dreams of a new world. Connect to your essential story of life as you explore paintings in the Spirited Life Collection.

What is your essential story of life? What is alive in you?

I hope this painting has sparked a reconnection and remembrance for you today. I believe there is beauty to be found right here, right now, all around you and right there within you. 
I'll meet you on the way!