Fish Eye SEA Symbol — Download the Full Coloring Book Here! SEA New Dawn Studios

FISH EYE SEA Symbol — Download the Coloring Book!

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30 Soul Activations with the complete Energetic Perspectives SEA Symbol Series for a whole new energetic perspective in your life

The SEA Energetic Perspectives Series is available in the book Energetic Perspectives, which includes 30 symbols for energetic awareness, energetic clearing and energetic connection. These SEA Symbols offer a close encounter with life’s unfolding mystery on both the personal and collective levels in this time of transformation. Simple line drawings become powerful activations that light up the path to full energetic connection and activate your Soul's Truth And Radiance—your STAR power. The book provides detail about each SEA Symbol and the pathways to greater soul growth and expansion it opens up.

Download the book from this page. Color the symbols, add your own doodles, and reflect on the energetic life experiences that are evoked by them. Connect to your whole self and your soul self as you experience a deep cleansing of energetic experiences in your life through the stress-reducing and relaxing process of coloring. Your engagement with the SEA Symbols we explore will strengthen your intuition and support you as you come more fully to your life and live in full expression. 

Release stress and reconnect. This stress-relieving coloring book provides a unique experience for greater soul exploration, expression, and expansion. Make a copy of the symbols and use them again and again, each time connecting more deeply to what your soul remembers about the truth of who you are and the opportunity presented through your encounter with a particular energetic experience. The book is an investment in your soul growth and makes a great gift for a friend or family member interested in personal growth and transformation.

Before we can make our Great Return we must be willing to embrace an energetic perspective. Our collective transformation begins with each one of us remembering who we are and returning to a natural state of wholeness. The invitation is to see fully and face those energetic experiences that have left an undesired residue that is "not me" and to reclaim what is authentic, stepping into the light of our soul's truth and radiance waiting for us there. DAWN RICHERSON




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