The Mirage of Mystery ☼ Sacred Partner SEA Doodles {Art Print} SEA Art Print New Dawn Studios

MIRAGE OF MYSTERY ☼ Sacred Partner SEA Doodles {Art Print}

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  • Art print with with 1/2" white border 
  • Printed with archival inks on sustainably sourced paper
  • Frame: .88" width, depth; bright colors, frame detail

Mirage of Mystery on the Long and Lonely Journey Sacred Partner SEA Doodle Art Print
MIRAGE OF MYSTERY {on the Soul’s Long and Lonely Journey Home}

The Lonely Journey is a Sacred Partner Series SEA {Soul Essence Art} Doodle offers an interpretation of the journey along the path of sacred partnership. Is this mystery mirage or is the mirage a mystery springing to life as a desert rose and nourishing the rider who has completed the long and lonely journey? The horse and rider come to a pause to contemplate.

Bumping up against the turn of time, a choice must be made. To believe life is miracle or turn back and look away. But like the spiral of time, he finds himself back again and ever found along the way and riding into day.

What is your essential story of life? What is alive in you?

I hope this doodle has sparked a reconnection and remembrance for you today. I believe there is beauty to be found right here, right now, all around you and right there within you. 

I'll meet you on the way!
🧡 Dawn