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Sheepish ☼ Soul of Ireland Metal Ornament
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Sheepish ☼ Soul of Ireland Metal Ornament

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  • 4.175x5 inch, printed on both sides
  • Eco-friendly ornament made from recycled aluminum
  • Packaged in padded envelope up to 5 pieces
  • Production time up to 5 days, usually within 48 hours
  • Product is shipped from a fulfillment center
  • Comes with ribbon, which may be packaged separately
  • Wipe clean with non-abrasive cleaning pad and mild soap


Her eyes aflame, a big-horned sheep stare’s with an intensity, his entire being lit up with a startling truth. In the background, a form whose shape mirrors the body of water on the right walks away from the purple round tower. This painting is loosely inspired by an experience at Clonmacnoise, the early Christian monastery situated on the shores of the River Shannon in County Offaly, Ireland.

In nearby cemetery ruins, the high kings of Tara and Connacht are sleeping. The memory of Saint Ciarin fills the land and the sound of ringing bells and seabirds echo. Could it be this sheep saw it too—the “ship in the sky” recorded in the Annals of Ulster as having occurred in 749? Portraying a mix of gentleness and strength, the colorful big-horned sheep looks on with a silence that is golden.

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