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Author Platform + Book Content Maps {Services}

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Author Platform Maps. A unique tool to bring your life's work forward and position you as an author. I help you map out your platform, brainstorm book projects or content categories for multiple books, or visually represent content for a single book. 

Maps are supplied as high-resolution JPG or PDF files that you can share digitally, print out and display or even print on products. Just provide your e-mail and phone number and the type of map you would like. I’ll be back in touch with any clarification or next steps and what you can expect. After our connection, you will receive a high-resolution JPG or PDF of your original map within 7-10 days. Thank you!

IMPORTANT: Note that Author Platform Maps are now available as an add-on to a Book Seeds Strategic Visioning Call. Please only purchase an Author Platform Map from this page if you are an existing client. Contact Dawn to request an Author Platform Map or to design a custom package for book coaching support and creative map offerings.

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