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1-hour Book Seeds Strategic Visioning "Soul + Strategy" Session by video conference or phone with a Book Seeds Packet delivered after our session.

I combine my writing and publishing expertise, coaching and activation skills, and intuition to help you nurture the seeds that bring your book to life. Many of the authors I work with tell me that this connection with me was their jump-start to developing their project in a way that worked for them.

During our time together, I will use my ability to "connect the dots" and help you bring all the pieces together. We can discuss which book you should write, content organization, the writing process, author platform, best practices and more.

Within 7-10 days of our connection you will receive a 5-7+-page Your Extraordinary Book Seeds Packet. This will help you get connected and stay connected to your unique vision and gifts.

Your Book Seeds Packet will include suggestions and IDEAS (insights, directions, explorations, actions, and systems) you can use as you connect to greater meaning, movement, and forward momentum to bring your book(s) to life. I also share any intuitive information I received about your book and a step-by-step approach to bring your book to life.

Writing, editing and publishing services are available separately.

If you would like to add an Author Platform Map, you may do so for $111 rather than the full price of $144. Just choose the Book Seed Strategic Visioning + Author Platform Map Combo for $333 total above. Contact me to schedule your call first. You must then purchase here at least 48 hours prior to our call.

Your Book Seeds Packet and our conversation will clarify your next steps in bringing your book to life as you share your brilliant offerings through the open kaleidoscope of your experience.

We will schedule our Book Seeds Soul + Strategy Call after your purchase. Upon purchase, please provide an email, phone number and any information you'd like to share in advance. You can always reach me through the contact page on this website.

Note that it is not necessary to provide any information in advance. I will lead you through some questions about your life, your life's work as you see currently it, and your vision for your book. I'll also provide suggestions for your next steps as an author. Even the authors who have only the fuzziest idea about what to write or even what kind of book to write get great value from this package!

Let's get you started on your author journey and bring Your Extraordinary Book to life with a Book Seeds Strategic Visioning with Dawn!