Clover Community ☼ Soul of Nature {Photo Print} Photo Print New Dawn Studios

CLOVER COMMUNITY ☼ Soul of Nature {Photo Print}

New Dawn Studios
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  • photo print with 1/2" white border 
  • printed on satin lustre paper
  • frame: contemporary gallery style, black

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Clover Community Nature Photograph Dawn Richerson
A Soul Story from Dawn 

Simply they had gathered to enjoy the day. Of every size and age they came. There was fortune in their freedom to be in community, to share the news of the day and soak up the sun, breathing deep of the elemental essence of life. And they did not take it for granted that day.

This image is from the Life & Art in the Time of Coronavirus Collection, inspired by inspiration found along the way and in ordinary moments during a period of restricted movements due to the global pandemic. 

We may be sheltering in place or on “lockdown” but I choose freedom. I choose love. I choose life and art, beauty and truth, which can be found in the everyday and in the ordinary, whatever our current circumstance. 


What is your essential story of life? What is alive in you? I hope this image has sparked a reconnection and remembrance for you today. I believe there is beauty to be found right here, right now, all around you and right there within you.   

I'll meet you on the way!