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SEEDS FOR LIFE: Introducing the Lifeseeds Core Curriculum for Living In Full Expression



Seeds for Life introduces Lifeseeds, a core curriculum to come to LIFE + Live In Full Expression. We are born into this world as powerful creators, agents of change fully designed and equipped to share fine gifts of original design. We have all we need to come fully to our lives and live in full expression; yet, we have forgotten that we are, as we are now, whole and complete. We have lost something vital. 

The full reclamation and radiant realization of who we are is our first and foremost responsibility, individually and collectively. Seeds for Life introduces a core curriculum for LIFE and Living In Full Expression. This journey to the heart and soul of who we are, individually and collectively, introduces the reader to a whole new way of seeing yourself, a whole new way of being yourself, and a whole new way of freeing yourself.


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  • Welcome and Introduction
  • A New Vision for Life Education
  • About the Lifeseeds Approach
  • Getting Started

A Whole New Way of Seeing Yourself

  • Introduction to the Life Formation Journey
  • Lifeseed #1—Begin with Light
  • Lifeseed #2—Seek Illumination Within
  • Lifeseed #3—Make Room for a New Story
  • Lifeseed #4—Embrace Wholeness
  • Lifeseed #5—Connect to Your Still Center
  • Lifeseed #6—Hear the Song Rising Up, Remember
  • Lifeseed #7—Be a Part of the Universal Symphony
  • Lifeseed #8—Trust Yourself to Know the Tune
  • Lifeseed #9—Welcome All into the Guest House
  • Lifeseed #10—Tune to the Vibration of the Holy “Yes!”
  • Lifeseed #11—Be the River, See with New Eyes
  • Lifeseed #12—Choose to Honor Choice
  • Lifeseed #13—Be Here. Be Now. Be Now Here.
  • Lifeseed #14—Surprise! Get a Sense of Humor
  • Lifeseed #15—Live the Magic, Dance with Mystery
  • Lifeseed #16—Know You Are Loved, Beyond Measure
  • Lifeseed #17—See Life as Multidimensional Reality
  • Lifeseed #18—Open to Infinite Possibility
  • Lifeseed #19—Be Found in the Great I Am
  • Lifeseed #20—Surrender to Love
  • Lifeseed #21—Observe Life Working in Your Favor
  • Lifeseed #22—Unbind Yourself, Come to the Present
  • Lifeseed #23—Know You Are Well
  • Lifeseed #24—No Mistake Can Be Your Grave
  • Lifeseed #25—See You Are Inseparable from Love
  • Lifeseed #26—Weave a Home of Beauty
  • Lifeseed #27—Feel the Tender Mercies of Becoming
  • Lifeseed #28—Stand Amazed at Life Unfolding
  • Lifeseed #29—Dare to Take a Single Step
  • Lifeseed #30—Belong to All That Is
  • Lifeseed #31—Allow Yourself to Be Broken Open
  • Lifeseed #32—Let Love Be the Fuel
  • Lifeseed #33—Breathe In and Be on the Way
  • Lifeseed #34—Dare to Believe in Life
  • Lifeseed #35—Choose This Day
  • Lifeseed #36—Listen for Life’s True Tones
  • Lifeseed #37—Know You Are Safe in Space and Time
  • Lifeseed #38—Be Free-Spirited in This Life, for Giving
  • Lifeseed #39—Share Fine Gifts of Original Design

A Whole New Way of Being Yourself

  • Introduction to the Life Reformation Journey
  • Lifeseed #40—Remember the Dream We Dreamed
  • Lifeseed #41—Hear All that Will Come to You in Silence
  • Lifeseed #42—Raise Your Voice to Find Your Truth
  • Lifeseed #43—Stay Current
  • Lifeseed #44—Allow Your Heart to Experience Change
  • Lifeseed #45—Know You Have All You Need
  • Lifeseed #46—Breathe Deeply and Welcome Life’s Flow
  • Lifeseed #47—Hold Sacred the Freedom that Is Your Birthright
  • Lifeseed #48—See the Holy in the Ordinary
  • Lifeseed #49—Choose Your Mirror, Set the Scene
  • Lifeseed #50—Flex the Muscle of Your Mind
  • Lifeseed #51—Return to Love
  • Lifeseed #52—Open to Full Awareness as You Love What Is
  • Lifeseed #53—Ease into Life’s Curves
  • Lifeseed #54—Stay Awake for the Journey
  • Lifeseed #55—Find a Way around Blocks
  • Lifeseed #56—Begin with Gratitude and Compassion
  • Lifeseed #57—Give Thanks for All that Nourishes
  • Lifeseed #58—Get in the Story
  • Lifeseed #59—Find Favor, Not Fault
  • Lifeseed #60—Cultivate Cooperation
  • Lifeseed #61—See Truth When It Surprises You
  • Lifeseed #62—Treasure the Dance of Life
  • Lifeseed #63—Let Go of a Need for Compensation
  • Lifeseed #64—Listen to Your Body
  • Lifeseed #65—Know Where You Belong
  • Lifeseed #66—Love Yourself First
  • Lifeseed #67—Notice How You Are Moving through Life
  • Lifeseed #68—Balance Work, Play, and Rest
  • Lifeseed #69—Stand in the Stream of Your Life
  • Lifeseed #70—Carry Your Truth in Grace
  • Lifeseed #71—Listen for the Song of Your Soul

A Whole New Way of Freeing Yourself

  • Introduction to the Life Transformation Journey
  • Lifeseed #72—Move to the Music of the Questions
  • Lifeseed #73—See Yourself as a Cycle of Change
  • Lifeseed #74—Engage in Value Redefinition
  • Lifeseed #75—Stand in Sacred Time
  • Lifeseed #76—Breathe in Promise Revealed
  • Lifeseed #77—See the Intricate Beauty of Life Unfolding
  • Lifeseed #78—Know that Beauty Begins Within
  • Lifeseed #79—Find What Feels Good
  • Lifeseed #80—Choose and Choose Again
  • Lifeseed #81—Find the Experience that Brings Out Your Best
  • Lifeseed #82—Cultivate Perspective and Balance
  • Lifeseed #83—Consider Form and Function
  • Lifeseed #84—Embrace Change
  • Lifeseed #85—Celebrate Choice and Creative Contribution
  • Lifeseed #86—Hold Fast to the Truth of Who You Are
  • Lifeseed #87—Unbind Yourself and Fly Free
  • Lifeseed #88—Risk the Journey
  • Lifeseed #89—Retain Your Sense
  • Lifeseed #90—Know the End Is the Beginning Again 

  • Sharing Lifeseeds

  • Your Journey from Here

“Life is a journey of discovering who it is we really are and who we have come to be. Life invites us to awaken the world within for a new beginning, find our forward flow, and embrace a new vision for the nexus of change. I believe with my whole heart this is a journey that can set us free to be who we came here to be.”

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