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from The Soul of Ireland Collection

Soul of Ireland paintings that explore the stories written in stone and held in trust for those ready and willing to receive. In the heart of the Emerald Isle I was met with mystery and miracle. The soul of Ireland spoke to my soul, and I was forever changed. My years in Ireland continue to fill me with beauty, mystery and wonder. Shop Ireland art prints from this series. All Ireland originals. ☘️ 

What does your soul remember?
What story of life is alive in you?

 ORIGINAL ARTWORKS Shop original Ireland paintings by Dawn Richerson

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  • INTO THE LAND OF GIANTS & GENEROSITY ☼ Soul of Ireland Painting {Original}
    Into the Land of Giants Ireland painting by Dawn Richerson - Giant's Causeway Painting
  • POULNABRONE PORTAL ☼ Soul of Ireland Painting {Original}
    Poulnabrone Portal Ireland Painting - dolmen painting by Dawn Richerson
  • PEACE IN THE PIECES ☼ Soul of Ireland Painting {Original}
    Peace in the Pieces Tarmon Abbey Painting - Soul of Ireland Painting Collection - Dawn Richerson - Stories in Stone
  • THE KING AND HIS CASTLE ☼ Soul of Ireland Painting {Original}
    The King and His Castle Ireland Painting by Dawn Richerson - Rock of Cashel Painting
  • SHE RISES ☼ Soul of Ireland Painting {Original}
    She Rises Ireland Painting by Dawn Richerson - Rock of Cashel Painting
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