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Soul of Ireland paintings that explore the ways of the water and its connection to the land. In the heart of the Emerald Isle I was met with mystery and miracle. The soul of Ireland spoke to my soul, and I was forever changed. My years in Ireland continue to fill me with beauty, mystery and wonder. Shop Ireland art prints from this series All Ireland originals. ☘️ 

What does your soul remember?
What story of life is alive in you?

 ORIGINAL ARTWORKS Shop original Ireland paintings by Dawn Richerson

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  • SILVER SERENE ☼ Soul of Ireland Painting {Original}
    Silver Serene painting of Ben Bulben and Sligo Bay - Dawn Richerson Ireland painting
  • MEMORY'S FLOW {Set in Stone} ☼ Soul of Ireland Painting {Original}
    Memory's Flow Dingle Waterfall Painting Soul of Ireland Painting Collection by Dawn Richerson - Ways of the Water Series
  • AFTER POSEIDON ☼ Soul of Ireland Painting {Original}
    After Poseidon Ireland painting Wild Atlantic Way - Dawn Richerson original seascape
  • REGAL REASSURANCE ☼ Soul of Ireland Painting {Original}
    Regal Reassurance Ireland Painting by Dawn Richerson Ways of the Water Series
  • SCALES AND THE SAVAGE SEA ☼ Soul of Ireland Painting {Original}
    Scales and the Savage Sea - Giant's Causeway Antrim Coast Painting - Soul of Ireland Painting Collection - Ways of the Water - Dawn Richerson
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