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Blue Ridge Parkway Paintings Dawn Richerson Natural PersuasionNATURAL PERSUASION PAINTING SERIES. In my experiences at Virginia's Natural Bridge and other sites nearby, the land revealed ancient messages and the promise of a new harmony for those who walk upon these lands. This gentle revelation was also a quiet reckoning that, in the end, was both balm and blessing.

This is our passage—a passage that can be made only through surrender to the natural persuasion of life itself. These  Soul of Place paintings are part of the Blue Ridge Blessings Collection inspired by beauty, wonder, and mystery of Virginia's Blue Ridge Parkway. Can you hear the call of the land echoing deep within?

What does your soul remember?
What story is alive in you?

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Natural Bridge paintings Blue Ridge Parkway Paintings Dawn Richerson

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  • THE FALL THAT SPRING: Tears & Troubles ☼ Natural Persuasion {Art Print}
    The Fall That Spring - Blue Ride Parkway waterfall painting by Virginia artist Dawn Richerson  8x10
  • NATURAL BRIDGE: Solace & Sorrow ☼ Natural Persuasion {Art Print}
    Virginia Natural Bridge Painting - Blue Ridge Parkways painting - Dawn Richerson - sorrow painting Soul of Place 8x12
  • NATURAL BRIDGE: Truth & Treasure ☼ Natural Persuasion {Art Print}
    Virginia Natural Bridge Painting - Blue Ridge Parkway painting - Dawn Richerson -Soul of Place 8x10
  • A GENEROUS WELCOME: Freedom & Forever ☼ Natural Persuasion {Art Print}
    A Generous Welcome - Natural Persuasion Blue Ridge Parkway painting - barn painting - 8x12
  • OKAY, BABY: Boldness & Beginning ☼ Natural Persuasion {Art Print}
    Okay, Baby! Blue Ridge Parkway painting by Dawn Richerson - nature painting - 8x10
  • PROXIMITY: Life & Death ☼ Natural Persuasion {Art Print}
    Proximity - Life and Death bird painting and nature painting 8x10
  • BLUE RIDGE BLESSING: Earth & Sky ☼ Natural Persuasion {Art Print}
    Blue Ridge Blessings - Earth and Sky - Blue Ridge Parkway painting by Dawn Richerson
  • MAGNOLIA MOMENT: Whispers & Wishes ☼ Natural Persuasion {Art Print}
    Magnolia Moment - Blue Ridge Parkway flower painting - Virginia artist Dawn Richerson
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