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Paintings of angels who appear in ordinary circumstances with their extraordinary gifts of love. This series is part of the Spirited Life Collection and the Faithscapes Collection
What does your soul remember? What story of life is alive in you?

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Ordinary Angels Paintings by Dawn Richerson
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  • FLYING THROUGH FIRE ☼ Ordinary Angels {Art Print}
  • ANGEL OF NEW DIRECTION ☼ Ordinary Angels {Art Print}
    Angel of New Direction Spirited Life painting Dawn Richerson
  • COMING HOME ☼ Ordinary Angels {Art Print}
  • PROTECTOR ANGEL ☼ Ordinary Angels {Art Print}
    Protector Angel - warrior angel inner child painting Dawn Richerson 8x8
  • BLEEDING ANGEL ☼ Ordinary Angels {Art Print}
    Bleeding Angel Spirited Life Ordinary Angel painting Dawn Richerson 8x10
  • SOVEREIGN SPIRIT ☼ Dreams for a New World {Art Print}
    Sovereign Spirit - Synchronicity Angel painting by Dawn Richerson - 8x10 Spirited Life painting