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Paintings inspired by treasured texts from a variety of faith traditions.

Connect to the story of life alive in you with these Faithscapes paintings.
What does your soul remember? What story of life is alive in you?

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Treasured Texts Paintings by Dawn Richerson

TREASURED TEXTS ART PRINTSfor Soul-Inspired Living Every Day

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  • FOR THE DISPLAY OF HIS SPLENDOR ☼ Treasured Texts Painting {Art Print}
    FOR THE DISPLAY OF HIS SPLENDOR ☼ Faithscapes Treasured Texts Painting {Art Print} 8x10
  • THE PROMISE OF PROVIDENCE ☼ Treasured Texts Painting {Art Print}
    THE PROMISE OF PROVIDENCE ☼ Faithscapes Treasured Texts Painting {Art Print} Spiritual Art by Virginia Artist Dawn Richerson walk through the fire and not be burned painting 8x10
  • THE PROFOUND MYSTERY ☼ Tao Painting #1 {Art Print}
    Tao Painting #1 THE PROFOUND MYSTERY ☼ Spirited Life Tao Painting {Art Print} • A Faithscapes painting from Virginia artist Dawn Richerson