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The True Direction Collection
Reflections on Polarity in Paint


Opposites attract in this series of paintings that explores the ideas of truth and direction through an examination of the simplest of experiences. Consider your true direction and all that falls between the poles along the spectrum of your life's experience. These Spirited Life paintings capture the magic of a moment, the everyday, and the extraordinary. Find True Direction art prints below. See original paintings here.

What does your soul remember?
What story of life is alive in you?

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  • UP Climb a High Mountain ☼ True Direction {Art Print}
    Climb a High Mountain Dawn Richerson painting 8x10
  • DOWN Climb Back Down Again☼ True Direction {Art Print}
    Down - Come Back Down Again - Dawn Richerson
  • LEFT Look Left! ☼ True Direction {Art Print}
    Look Left painting Dawn Richerson True Direction series 8x10
  • RIGHT Look Right! ☼ True Direction {Art Print}
    Right - Look Right painting Dawn Richerson 8x10
  • SUNRISE Watch the Sun Come Up ☼ True Direction {Art Print}
    Sunrise painting Dawn Richerson 8x10
  • SUNSET Watch the Sun Go Down Again ☼ True Direction {Art Print}
    Sunset painting Dawn Richerson 8x10
  • DOWNTIME! Get Dressed Up, Go Out on the Town ☼ True Direction {Art Print}
    Downtime - Get Dressed Up, Go Out on the Town - True Direction painting Dawn Richerson 8x10
  • SHOWTIME! Raise the Curtain, Step onto Life's Stage ☼ True Direction {Art Print}
    Showtime Raise the Curtain and Step onto the Stage by Dawn Richerson 8x10
  • OPEN the Book, Learn a Little ☼ True Direction {Art Print}
    Open the Book and Learn a Little True Direction painting Dawn Richerson
  • CLOSED Close the Book, Experience Life ☼ True Direction {Art Print}
    Closed - Close the Book - True Direction painting by Dawn Richerson 8x10
  • LIGHT See the Lighted Tree ☼ True Direction {Art Print}
    Light - Lighted Forest, Dark Tree, Dawn Richerson True Direction painting
  • DARK See the Dark Forest ☼ True Direction {Art Print}