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Visitations Photography Series - The Otherworld Collection - Dawn Richerson

VISITATIONS PHOTO SERIES. This series includes six images from The Otherworld Photo Collection, a Spirited Life photo exploration of all that lies beneath, between, and beyond this time and space we call reality.  Consider apparition and authenticity, and ask your soul what it knows. Framed prints available upon request. ⚜️ All photography collections

A SOUL STORY Right there, written on the wall, is the reflection of a greater truth. You stare, dubious, filled with a daunting doubt and afraid to see that what's the matter is that you are fixed to matter and forget the vastness of our reality. This is your MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE . Can you HEAR THE BELLS RINGING, signaling a sea change? You may feel small in light of all the love that rushes in, but it is here not to sweep you away but to lift you up where you and I belong. Just like the song, there will be mountains. But we will climb them together. 
As an alternative to the familiar face you present presently, get your ALTER EGO and let's go for a stroll. I'll show you the sights should you choose to believe and then see. There's always a surprise when you catch the wave you are and welcome the fullness of your energy.  THEY WILL APPEAR sometimes as apparition, other times dressed up in a funny form if only that you might recognize them. In the matrix, the meaning of the moment is found in the authentic abandonment of all the mesh and the mess we made in favor of a friendly hello. "WE ARE HERE FOR YOU," they will say. And what will be your reply? Or will you turn, turn, turn away? 
What lies beneath and beyond all the shadow sides we project is light. In the waves of a particular grace we see ourselves in another light and learn to forgive, as forgiving is what life is for. LIGHT REVEALED is the revelation, and it is mystery. Just the other night they woke me with a fright, the first letter of my name shining in the dark. All things pink and green moved as Degas' dancers in the day. My heart warmed as the NIGHT LIGHT FRIGHT turned to a healing harmony and the frequency of home.

What does your soul remember?
What story is alive in you? 

Visitations Photo Series - The Otherworld Collection - Dawn Richerson Photography

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  • NIGHT LIGHT FRIGHT ☼ Visitations│The Otherworld {Photo Print}
  • ALTER EGO ☼ Visitations│The Otherworld {Photo Print}
  • HEAR THE BELLS RINGING ☼ Visitations│The Otherworld {Photo Print}
  • WE ARE HERE FOR YOU ☼ Visitations│The Otherworld {Photo Print}
    We Are Here for You Visitations Photograph The Otherworld 8x8
  • LIGHT REVEALED ☼ Visitations│The Otherworld {Photo Print}
  • MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE ☼ Visitations│The Otherworld {Photo Print}
    MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE ☼ Visitations│The Otherworld {Photo Print} 8x8