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Let's work together to bring your ideas to life through content that creates change.

There's something that makes you unique, something essential that just can't be duplicated. My passion is to help you connect to and share your essential truth in a clear and compelling manner. We'll work together to identify the strategies and creative content that will help you to cast your vision and tell your essential story of life most effectively. 

Ready to bring your ideas to life? Want help creating content that creates real change for you and for those you serve?

I provide support that is soulful and strategic to visionary leaders and organizations who have ideas that can change the world.

Your Extraordinary Book — Write. Edit. Publish. Bring your book to life.
Soul and Strategy with Dawn • Strategic Visioning

Creative Content and Maps

• For copywriting & communications projects, see below.

• For freelance writing opportunities, contact Dawn.

• For solo sessions, check out Soul & Strategy.

• For maps & visual content, see Creative Content.

• For book editing, see Your Extraordinary Book.*

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Communications Consulting Services & Packages

Creative Revolutions Inc. Soulful, Strategic Support to Bring Your Ideas to Life

Through Creative Revolutions, founded in 1997, Dawn and her projects team have provided innovative communication services and breakthrough solutions for a changing world. Creative Revolutions provides support that is soulful and strategic. We help you bring your ideas to life. Consulting packages can include a mix of services. Reach out to check availability, particularly if you have a time-sensitive project. We work on a project basis and offer packages at a discounted rate over hourly support. 

I also sometimes work on a contract basis, particularly on projects connected to innovative approaches that support social good and the arts. I draw on a breadth of experience, to include work with corporate and small business clients from diverse industries, entrepreneurs, magazines, publishing houses and creatives. My expertise is in nonprofit marketing and communication but I've worked on many projects in education, health/medical, and small business as well as projects across many industries.

Core Competencies

  • Copywriting and Collateral Development
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Press Releases, White Papers, Web Content, Brochures, Articles
  • Book Development, Ghostwriting, Editing, Publishing
  • Strategic Visioning & Planning 
  • Brand Development & Messaging

Communications and consulting testimonials below. See other service pages for other areas or just ask.

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What People Experience Working with Dawn

COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING / COPYWRITING. Capture Your Essence. Dawn Made the Process Fun. Dawn is a whiz in helping to capture the essence of one’s work and translating that so eloquently into words. I hired Dawn to create copywriting for my website. She delivers an excellent product in a timely fashion and makes the process fun. Dawn is organized, creative, intuitive, and a naturally gifted writer. Thank you, Dawn, for your work on this project and for such great results! ☼ J.G. 

COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING / WRITING. An Extraordinary Writer Who Is Easy to Work With. Dawn is an extraordinary writer and gatherer of information as she assists you in developing you, your website, your brand. She can make you shine beyond the words that she writes. She is very easy to work with, excellent in her return and delivery and I would highly recommend her to others. And would definitely utilize her in the future for all my writing needs. ☼ C.C.

 Quality Marketing Piece: Gave My Thoughts a Voice. Dawn was a huge help in creating my Business Management Brochure. As a new facet of my business, it was important that I establish a unique message while maintaining a connection to my already established and existing brand. Dawn helped create the look, feel and language that accomplished both. She took my thoughts and put them down on paper more eloquently than I could ever have. In essence, she gave my thoughts a voice. She was also a one-stop shop, from design to writing, to arranging the actual production of the brochure. In the end, I have a quality marketing piece that professionally represents my existing company and my new division without a hassle and at a very reasonable price. ☼ B.S.

COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING / WRITING. Excellent Pitch Letter & Bio—More Than I Asked For! Dawn did an excellent job writing a pitch letter and a bio for me. She listened to my vision of what I was looking for and delivered a finished product that was exactly what I needed. She was creative, giving me even more than I asked for. Dawn was timely and consistent with her communication and followed through on every aspect of her commitments. I highly recommend Dawn’s work ☼ M.R.

COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING / MARKETING STRATEGY. Listens Carefully and Thinks Outside the Box. Dawn is an insightful person who thinks outside the box. She listens carefully and offers well-designed solutions to help people achieve their goals. ☼ T.S.

COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING / PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Understands Marketing Communications, Traditional to Interactive; A Marketing Communications Pro! I've been working with Dawn for a number of years now. I've always been impressed with her professionalism, creativity and drive to get things done. Dawn has a gift for understanding marketing and communications from traditional to interactive. I always find it refreshing to work with someone who just "gets it." T.B.

COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING / NONPROFIT.  Communications Strategy an Asset to Any Organization. I collaborated with Dawn on a communications project to focus a corporate brand for Hi-Hope Service Center that would support their newly established development plan. Dawn has a strong understanding of how important it is for non-profit organizations to establish a strong brand and clearly communicate their mission, visions and programs. She put together a communications strategy to meet this objective and implemented the plan in a way that engaged staff, families and clients and resulted in a well-written brochure and key messages that are being carried over into all written communication vehicles. Dawn continues to be a resource for me when I need advice on public relations and communication strategies! Her interpersonal, writing and communications strategy skills are an asset to any organization. I recommend her without reservation. ☼ Y.W.

COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING / NONPROFIT.  Dawn's Work Resulted in Many New Communication Tools. I contracted with Dawn to develop marketing strategy and materials for the Hi-Hope Service Center. Dawn not only forged a tremendous partnership with our senior team as we identified key messages but took those rough ideas and crafted creative and appealing materials to communicate those messages. Dawn's work resulted in many new communication tools including a brochure and an electronic public presentation package. Dawn frequently went above and beyond the scope of her contract, showed enormous flexibility and always ensured that we were completely satisfied with the final products. Dawn has a kind heart and generous spirit towards the nonprofit sector and it was our pleasure to work with her. ☼ S.B.

COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING / PROJECT TEAMS. Excellent Project Manager and Copywriter. Dawn was an excellent project manager and copywriter, steering the clients towards solid messages and design solutions. I had the pleasure of working with Dawn to design two of her clients' brochures. She is a very positive and upbeat person who always has her clients' best interest in mind. ☼ A.G.

COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING / PROJECT TEAMS. Adept at Identifying and Communicating Key Messages. I worked with Dawn on a multi-faceted video and DVD project, which she managed in her role as marketing director. Dawn did an excellent job managing the project, ensuring we had all assets (photos, video, copywriting) to complete the project on time, and was well adept at communicating the overall message of the project to us. ☼ L.S.

COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING / MARKETING, BRANDING, PROJECT. Dawn Quickly Brings Everything Together. Dawn brings everything together. Before we hired Dawn, the launch of our Online Healing Circle had stalled. Dawn took what had been a complex “idea,” then helped us clarify our vision, redefine our message and put it into a viable business. She’s amazing!!! What impressed me most about Dawn was how quickly she brings everything together. She is extremely creative (and innovative) about how she makes her clients shine. Seeing our business come to life is an exciting process. Now all we have to do is show up and get to work! ☼ M.S.

COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING / WRITING. Your Extraordinary Bio—Fun, Thorough, and Quick! When I was asked to provide a bio for a blog I was being featured in, I hired Dawn to rewrite what I'd been using for years. She interviewed me, then took what I had written and created a one-page bio that accurately reflected who I was and what I do. The process was fun, thorough and quick. I intend to work with Dawn again soon to rework my marketing materials. She really has "a way with words" and I would recommend her to anyone needing this service. ☼ M.P.

COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING / BRAND MESSAGING, MARKETING. An Innovator in the Marketplace of Ideas + Branding. Dawn is an Innovator. Before I met Dawn, I had a problem of encapsulating ways of presenting my business to an audience that may or may not see the value of what I was presenting. Dawn developed a colorful, one-page communications tool to highlight what we desired to assist customers with. To do this, she asked me not just what I brought to the table (my gifts) but forced me to answer the hard question (what do my customers need?). Dawn simplified our message by focusing us on an audience-oriented branding, creating an atmosphere with the sole goal of moving prospects to customers through change-oriented communication. We’ve been able to channel our communications and begin with the end in mind, anticipating our prospect's questions and identifying the action steps that will help the prospect fulfill desired outcomes. Dawn is truly an innovator in the marketplace of ideas. She turns ideas into communications that connect action to the cause. As a result of Dawn’s marketing support, I’ve been able to sell my products exponentially—20 times my initial sales—in more diversified markets, with greater effectiveness than ever before. ☼ C.W.

COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING / MARKETING. Solid Strategy + Fresh Ideas for Marketing Communication. I was amazed when I looked at my watch as left our initial meeting. What Dawn was teaching me was so spot-on appropriate to what I needed that she had me spell-bound. I had no idea how long we had been talking! Although I would have never thought of most of the topics she brought up, I could instantly see their wisdom. Dawn followed up quickly, presenting information in a way that even I could understand. Dawn's strategic insights have already helped my new business in immeasurable ways, and I know the end result will be measurable growth. I highly recommend Creative Revolutions to any new or growing business in need of solid strategy and fresh ideas for marketing and communication. ☼ J.K.

COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING / WRITING. A wonderfully talented consultant. Highly Recommended! Dawn is a wonderfully talented consultant and I highly recommend her services. ☼ S.R. 

COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING / MARKETING, COLLATERAL. I Was Stuck With the Creative Process. Dawn helped me get started with my mobile marketing business. I was stuck with the creative process of placing content on my website and creating marketing materials (sales letters, flyers, etc.) When I met Dawn, I knew she could help me move forward.  Dawn is so easy to work with and made the whole process a pleasure. She asked questions that customers might ask and helped me to focus on what needed to be accomplished with each product. I was lucky to find a person like Dawn who is experienced in helping entrepreneurs and is so friendly, yet professional. I highly recommend her services. ☼ P.R.

STRATEGIC VISIONINGStrategies That Are Clear and Thoughtful. Dawn is an ACE! In a short amount of time, she gave me clear and thoughtful marketing guidance and business strategies that were easy to understand and implement. It's great to have Dawn's experience and insight to get things moving quickly with concise how-to's! She is professional, very warm and easy to work with. Thank you so much, Dawn! ☼ M.C.

STRATEGIC VISIONING. IDEAS into Action! Dawn's IDEAS Process Works Wonders. Being creative brained, I have many ideas, yet sometimes I lose steam defining and getting the right ones into action. This is where Dawn comes in. She is the icon for action. With her IDEAS process she’s been able to help me evaluate the ideas and with her Insight, she is able to point me in the right Direction. Dawn’s depth of knowledge has helped me define which ideas deserve more Exploration, and then it’s Action all the way to the finish line. It hasn’t mattered if my goals were personal or professional, Dawn has been the key to make it happen! Dawn was the person I needed to create Systems that get ideas from the drawing board to completion. ☼ S.R.

STRATEGIC VISIONING. Dawn as Your Strategic Partner Changes Everything. Having Dawn as your strategic partner will change everything! Dawn has an amazing way of helping you create a plan that orients your marketing and messaging to your core gifts and what you really care about. This helps you share yourself and your offerings with more clarity and confidence. If you are struggling to effectively share yourself and your business with the world, do yourself a favor and hire Dawn today. ☼ M.L.

STRATEGIC VISIONING. Leverage YOUR Vision. I Had a Big Vision But Didn't Know How to Leverage It. I had a big vision for my business, but I wasn’t sure how to leverage vision. Dawn helped me look at the moving parts of my business and fit them together so they are focused and easy to implement and create momentum. Now, each piece builds and supports my whole business. Dawn showed me how all of the pieces of my business fit together like gears to increase the velocity of my business with less effort. I love how her “spark words” give me my focus for how I want my clients and customers to feel in every aspect of my business. ☼ R.S. 

STRATEGIC VISIONING. A Creative Process—Dawn Takes You Through This! Dawn has a unique talent for helping you figure out what you bring to the world and then showing you how to put it down on paper. She takes you through a creative process and incorporates a logical process. Since you have both, you have the tools necessary to keep going. It's very liberating to finally know how to "bring it" and the steps necessary. Thank you Dawn for sharing your gift with the world and helping others share theirs! ☼ S.H.

STRATEGIC VISIONING. Intuitive, Fluid Approach to Brainstorming Opens Things Up. I loved how Dawn asked me questions in our brainstorming strategy session that shone a light on the places where my true inspiration lies. She seemed to know just what to ask to get to those places. The way she mirrored back to me my own words and honored my vision and soul's purpose was a profound gift. She has a creative, intuitive, fluid approach that opens things up. I am amazed at how much awareness and confidence I came away with in just one hour. I look forward to working and brainstorming with Dawn again soon ☼ A.D. 

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