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WINTER WALK #3  SERIES FROM THE SEASONS / WINTER / NATURE OF REST PHOTOGRAPHY COLLECTION. Soul of Nature Photography Collection. Reflections on the nature of life and the nature of rest. Contact Dawn for licensing, commissions, and product inquiries or requests. 

Winter Walk PhotosThe photographs in this series are part of the Seasons cycle and one of three series exploring Winter and the Nature of Rest. Winter Walk #3 was inspired by the experience of a winter walk and an encounter with Frost, Future, Freedom. It is the third in a series of three experiences exploring the season of winter and the nature of rest. The photographs in the Seasons cycle explore the theme of reclamation, drawing on the wisdom of nature and the memory of the land. Connect to your essential story of life and all that is alive in you with these Soul of Place nature photographs by Virginia artist Dawn Richerson.

What is your essential story of life?
What story of life is alive in you?

Art prints are high-quality reproductions printed with archival inks on sustainably-sourced fine art papers. Shop art prints from this nature photography series below. 


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  • All the forgotten flowers met her on her way. Dressed in winter fringe, they were a reminder.


Winter Walk #1 - Wind, Wildness, Wonder - Winter and the Nature of Rest - Dawn Richerson Photographs
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  • WINTER FRINGE ☼ Winter Walk #3 Nature of Rest {Photo Print}
  • HER FROSTED DREAM ☼ Winter Walk #3 Nature of Rest {Photo Print}
  • THE MOTHER'S MEMORY ☼ Winter Walk #3 Nature of Rest {Photo Print}
    THE MOTHER'S MEMORY ☼ Winter Walk #3 Nature of Rest {Photo Print} 8x12
  • SHE RIDES ON THE ROSE-PETALLED DRAGON ☼ Winter Walk #3 Nature of Rest {Photo Print}
  • QUEEN OF THE FOREST FAIRIES ☼ Winter Walk #3 Nature of Rest {Photo Print}
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